Investors Will Abandon Bitcoin Before It Reaches 196,000 USD

Bitcoin price is growing with an immense speed beating all possible and impossible records and forecasts. Some analytics predict that it may reach up to 400,000 USD per one coin. Though, how viable those forecasts are?
Probably, they would be perfect if the pockets of investors were unlimited. Though the sad reality is that resources sometimes end, even those for investing. The same may and, probably, rather will happen with bitcoin.
Basically, the bitcoin value depends on the people awareness about bitcoin and cryptocurrency as well as on their expectations from them. For example, most investors see bitcoin only as a short-time or a long-time investment with a perspective to sell the digital coin for a mush bigger price than it was bought. Many of them indicate that they would sell all their bitcoins when the price reaches 196,000 USD per coin. After that? To whom they would sell their coins? The question stays open. Though there are optimists who believe that bitcoins can be a long-term investment like, say, investment in gold or silver.
The main concern though that stays till now is the coin security. Bitcoins are still not protected enough from fraudster and aren’t regulated. As soon as this issue is solved, bitcoin is expected to continue its rally.

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