Japan Self-Regulatory Crypto Exchange Association: Five More Companies Joined

The Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) Becomes bigger: five more companies joined it. It was announced on the 4th of January.
The Association is a self-regulatory body which aim is to create the investor safety standards in the cryptocurrency world. The JVCEA was founded in April previous year by 16 registered and certified cryptocurrency exchanges. The financial regulator of the country granted the association a self-regulatory status and powers to oversee the cryptocurrency market.
Further in June, the self-regulatory notes were released, where the rules were included about the ban of insider trading and the prohibition against the trading of privacy-oriented crypto-coins.
The new exchanges that have joined the JVCEA are Coincheck, Everyone`s Bitcoin, Lastroots Inc., LVC Corporation, Coinage Corporation. For now, the business if in the process of applying for a registration of a virtual currency trader.

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