Japanese Major Fintech Company will Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange

Money Forward Inc is a leading Japanese fintech company, and it has recently announced its plans to launch the own cryptocurrency exchange. On the 23rd of May a new company subsidiary was launched, MF Financial Co., Ltd. This new company will be devoted completely to the project with cryptocurrency.
The fintech is planning to launch its cryptocurrency exchange platform this summer. As long as the company has more than 500,000 users, among which there are both individuals as well as businesses, moreover, some of the businesses are already using a cloud software for their accounting operations.
For now, the company works on tools development. The new tools shall improve the experience of those customers who are going to use cryptocurrencies. There will be a lot of automation and advanced options for dealing with tax services.
Moreover, Money Forward Inc. has announced, that they are partnering with a US based cloud delivery platform to develop and launch a global blockchain based payment system.
As we can see, the company has plans for cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Meanwhile, one of the biggest Japanese banks Nomura is targeting investments in the cryptocurrency field by establishing a custodian solution for digital assets.

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