Kakao Corp., South Korea, Considers Private Investments as an Option

Kakao Corp. is one of the leading messaging apps operators, and now, it is going to attract private investment to develop the own blockchain subsidiary. The Kakao Corporation blockchain initiative was announced in the end of March this year.

It should be a part of the business plan of the company, which has a clear intention to move its services to a wider market in Asia.

The company CEO has shared already that the blockchain subsidiary is going to get investments the next month already. And that will help to facilitate the service provision for a wider range of users in the field of gaming and content sharing.

  • There are some interesting ideas:
  • Users will be awarded for unique and interesting content with cryptocurrency
  • New services, like Steemit
  • More practical services, for users, of course.

The company is going to implement the project in collaboration with Ground X, located in Japan. That happened for some reasons, but the main reason is that ICOs are illegal in South Korea, however, ICOs are the way in which the company is going to get the private investments to facilitate the project implementation.

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