Kraken Is Still Down

One of the biggest cyptocurrency exchanges, Kraken, is down for more than 48 hours for now. Engineers who are in charge of maintaining the system, expected first, that the downtime will not exceed 2 hours. That is one more reason why the uses of Kraken are so extremely unhappy.
During the last months all cryptocurrency exchanges have suffered some downtimes and even have stopped registering new users. The interest in cryptocurrency has grown so much and there were so many new users registering every hour, that exchanges were not able to manage such a flow. Hence, they were closing for rearranging and just to take a breath. While, they have not stopped services for the existing users.
Some exchanges have suffered cyber attacks, those that haven’t stopped their services according to a plan but rather due to unexpected circumstances.
Though, Kraken has behaved in a pattern that does not suit to any of the two above mentioned. Users have experienced many errors when trading, complications in orders placing and cancelling. Some orders have been posted several times by the system, without users being aware of that.
Now, Kraken under maintenance. Two promised hours have grown to 48. How long more?

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