Kyocera, Solar Power Supplier, Will Use Blockchain

Kyocera is a Japanese power supply company. Now, it has partnered with LO3 Energy. The main target of the partnership is to perform the testing of blockchain based virtual power plants, or VVP for short. Their target is to improve the distribution of energy. The news was announced on the 25th of February.
The test is scheduled for the 28th of February. It should evaluate the VVPs reliability and feasibility, especially when it comes to the low-carbon emission promises.
Kyocera, with its income of 736 Mln. UDS, will start small VVP with solar modules and batteries. And the New York based LO3 energy will be managing energy through its ledger technology.
The blockchain technology of LO3 will be used to manage and verify the transactions, while distribution of the energy will be performed through microgrids rather than large grids.
Kyocera has enough experience and even has been managing solar systems for Japan`s government VPP tests. And this new collaboration will definitely bring more experience for power recourses management.
The CEO of LO3 Energy has shared the concerns regarding the carbon emissions and the necessity to reduce them as much as possible. Lawrence Orsini believes, that the blockchain technology has solutions to offer.
And he believes, as well, that the Kyocera`s experience in energy sector and LO3 Energy`s experience in the blockchain will build a new generation of VPP that will start the transition of the society to a new society kind: low carbon society.

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