Ledger Wallet Users Have Problems with Accessing their Funds in Bitcoin Cash

Over the past two days, users of Ledger Wallet have been experiencing difficulties in accessing their funds in Bitcoin Cash. Some users claim they cannot make any transaction, while others aren’t able even to see their balances.

There were reports, that, when trying to transfer BTC from another wallet into Ledger Wallet, the transfer itself went fine and was completed, but the balance in the Ledger Wallet haven’t changed.

The administration of Ledger Wallet has already given a public announcement, declaring, that, following an outage, they are still performing works to get their BTC infrastructure back.

The problems started two days ago with a report about some kind of compatibility issue with the new Bitcoin-ABC. Ledger though assured users that all BTC funds are safe and will be available asap.

The admin though are worried that some invalid data was fed into the parser, then, they will have to reparse the entire chain, and that could take some more days. For now, all servers have been synced and work properly, though, before starting the entire infrastructure, they have to apply patches to Ledger blockchain and test it. Then, the BTC infrastructure will be available for users again.

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