LINE, Japanese Messaging Giant, Will Use a New Digital Coin and 5 Decentralized Apps

LINE, a Japanese messaging giant, has unveiled 5 decentralized apps and a new digital coin aimed at Japanese users.

LINE has reported more than 214 million active users, and more than 30 mln of which are already using the online payment service of the company, called Line Pay. From now on, the company is going to concentrate its efforts on new services, including those that perform QA, products and services reviews and so on.

LINK is a new token of the company that is distributed overseas through transactions over the own exchange of the company, called Bitbox. And soon, the token is going to be used for rewarding of dApps users and for using services within the system of the company.

For now, Link is not available for Japanese and American users. For them, the company is launching another, a new coin called Link Point. Well, for now, the new coin can be used by Japanese users only.

For now, a total of 1 bln Loink Point and Link have to be issued, and 800 mln are already distributed among the users of the LINE economy. 200 mln are to be held by the company itself, as a reserve.

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