Litecoin Is Growing in Value

Bitcoin has been shocking investors during several months previous year, but now, the situation has changed. Litecoin is now in the top news.
The litecoin price has increased for more than 30 percent on the 14th February 2018.
After the decision to create a new merchant solution for the coin, that would be similar to the known BitPay that was used for bitcoin previous year, that has been announced recently, the coin price started growing. The new solution`s name is LitePay, and it shall start working on February 16.
The project managers explained that they had to do it. People started requesting BitPay to start working with Litecoin. Of course, that was not possible. That is why the idea of the solution came and was implemented immediately.
Litecoin has been falling like other cryptocurrencies. Though, the new solution seems to have improved the situation, at least, temporarily, at least, for Litecoin. Moreover, to make things even more fascinating, Litecoin developers are planning a hard fork, for the first time for Litecoin. Litecoin Cash will appear soon, and who knows, maybe these moves will move the Litecoin to a leader position in the crypto-market.

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