Litecoin Transactions via Telegram Messenger Are Available

Now, Litecoin transactions are available via encrypted messenger app Telegram. The new feature was developed by a blockchain startup Zulu Republic. The firm is based in Switzerland and is specializing on developing of decentralized apps for businesses and not only.

The new feature gives the litecoin holders an option to use litecoin services via an API system. Zulu however highlights that the data that concern the private keys is not managed by the company. The company only provides the RSA encryption and the user handles the private password.

The new app,, will be first used on the Telegram messenger, which is the safest messenger in the world for now. The app will allows users to send commands and check their current balance in Litecoins, and send their coins to any wallet or a mail address.

In future, there are plans to use the app via SMS and enable the same options for a mobile messages, as well.

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