LocalCoinSwap – the Most Democratic Cryptoexchange Is Going to Be Launched!

The LCS cryptoshare crowdsale started! All 100% profits are going to be distributed among the shareholders, and the new cryptoexchange is going to become a new word in the cryptocurrency world. It is going to offer the new, unprecedented level of transparency and democracy. In the LocalCoinSwap, they move further than even the Blockchain technology did.
One of the LCS founders, Daniel Woersley, claims, they are going to make all cryptocurrency transactions real “peer-to-peer transactions”. This is going to be a marketplace that will enable users to make direct transactions. Users are the genuine shareholders, and hence, the real owners of the exchange. In this regard, the LCS this offers some benefits to users, or rather investors, that aren’t offered by other similar businesses. First of all, all investors are going to receive dividends depending on their investments.
This means, that the tokens that are distributed, have an intrinsic value. The decisions will be made by shareholders, and there is already an example of such decision: when the tokens were launched, most shareholders voted to attach its price to the price of the UDS, instead of the ETH, which was the initial intention. The reason foe such decision was a high volatility level of the Ethereum coin during recent months. For now, the LCS team is working to expand the range of services and functions offered, and if they manage all that they are intending to, the LCS can be a new stage in the development of cryptoexchanges as well as of the cryptoworld in general.

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