London School of Economics: Crypto Course

One of the most famous educational establishments in the world, London School of Economics, introduces an online course on cryptocurrencies. The course will be available starting form August 2018, and will be called “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption”.

The course is targeted to teach students methods of interacting with the cryptocurrency exchanges, starting from the account registration and finishing with the money withdrawal.

As well, students will be taught how to evaluate the analytics of the ICOs.

The LSE claims they are famous to understand what is needed. And they are right: 36 world leaders and 18 Nobel prize laureates studied there. By introducing the course on cryptocurrency, the LSE aims to help the private organizations, investors, financial consulting firms, governments and regulatory bodies in handling the cryptotrend and making the sense of it.

The course will be taught by Dr. Carsten Soerensen, Associate Professor on Information Systems and Innovation. The course consists of six modules and will be run as long as 60 hours, the total price is 1,800 British pounds, or about 2,116 euro.

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