Loyalty Program with Ethereum in University

Partnership of an Australian university with Blockchain has led to the creation of a new kind of a partnership program.
The New South Wales university offers its students an offer to be able to ear Ethereum for purchases made on-campus. The program runs little bit more than one month, but it can open a new era for cryptocurrency. Now though, the university administration is excited to monitor the reaction of students in response to the rapid increase of Ethereum value.
The loyalty program, with official name the Unity Rewards program, is a program for a limited number of users, 500 of students who have signed up for its participation. Students use a special mobile application that is used for purchases on the territory of the university campus. For each 10 transactions through their app students earn 5$ worth of Ethereum.
The program is supported by several departments of the university and its partner Blockchain. It is intended to perform a study on the students` behaviour when they are able to get cryptocurrency tokens as a reward for their purchases, the study results are to be published later in the public sources.
Earlier, a similar program was made in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but the cryptocurrency awarded was bitcoin. At that time, bitcoin tokens worth 500 000 USD were given to the project.

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