Matthew Lesko Believes, Cryptocurrency Is Scam

Matthew Lesko is one of the most popular authors in the USA. He gained his popularity with books where he gives instructions about how to get “Free Money” from the US government.

Then, this guy knows about money. Looks like he shall be interested in cryptocurrency then, but… in his interview to CNET, he told that he doesn’t trust crypto-money. Moreover, he believes, that cryptocurrency is nothing more but a scam.

Lesko is though not a simple ignorant guy. He runs his youtube channel, has own website, manages several podcasts. He knows about technology and how to use it. Moreover, he knows all about federal grants and how to get them. He knows as well, that many people are interested in cryptocurrency and the blockchain, and he advises to stay away from both of them.

He tells, that cryptocurrency is “beginning of something, and nobody knows where it is going”.

Some mass media sources are already criticising the statements of Lesko, claiming, that most people have never gotten the free money he promised. The guy has made a mistake. Who knows, if he isn’t making a mistake with his judgements about cryptocurrency? And who knows if he hasn’t bought some bitcoins for himself as well?


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