Mercedes-Benz: Own Cryptocoin for Eco-Friendly Driving

Daimler AG, a German auto giant, a manufacturer or Mercedes-Benz, launched the own cryptocurrency called MobiCoin. This is a blockchain based digital currency, which was developed to give rewards to drivers who drive at low speeds and with respect to all traffic rules – drive eco-friendly. The coin was launched in February this year, but the etsting stage will go on during the next three months.

The first MobiCoins will be given to the first 500 drivers who will obey traffic rules. Data from the vehicles will be provided to the company and converted into coins. The coins can be stored in mobile apps. Those who will get more MobiCoins, will receive different benefits, like tickets to car races, Fashion Week and other significant events.

Though, the company still doesn’t disclose, whether it will be possible for drivers to convert their digital coins into real money.

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