Mercedes-Benz Is Going to Use Blockchain

Automotive brand from Germany Mercenes-Benz has developed its own blockchain-based platform. The main target of the platform is to increase the sustainability and transparency in supply chains of the giant, which are very complex and difficult to track.
Mercedes-Benz is a multinational automotive corporation, now, it has partnered with a United-Stated based company Icertis, that works in software development. Now, the main task of Icertis is the development of a blockchain based platform for one of the biggest tech giants.
Mercedes-Benz has already announced about the joint development and programming of a prototype. Now, it allows storing documents and contracts in the supply chain of Mercedes-Benz.
One more target of the project is the transparent and sustainable mapping of all documents across the tech giant supply chain. The project is going to move now from the prototype development to testing stage.

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