Mike Novogratz Believes, the Crypto and Blockchain Mass Adoption is just 5-6 Years Away

Mike Novogratz, the former Wall Street Executive, is predicting, that the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology is coming. It is not as far as many believe, just 5-6 years away.

Novogratz, who is also the founder of crypto investment firm Galazy Digital, held a speech during the Conference in South Korea, where he expressed his absolute confidence, that soon all major institutions will recognize the advantages of cryptocurrency. The blockchain is even out of question for now, because more and more global organizations are already accepting it.

However, the changes aren’t implemented immediately. Till the mass adoption of the blockchain technology, it might take 5 years. To adopt massively the cryptocurrency, the world would need even more time.

For now, the only factors that are delaying and slowing down the adoption process are the costs of a technical talent and the doubts of investors, that haven’t had a precedent yet. But all has to be changed, and we are going to be the evidences of the changes.

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