Moscow Exchange and Cryptotrading

Moscow Exchange is going to introduce trading with cryptocurrency. This step is rather logical than surprising though, as the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing and they aren’t considered as something fictional anymore.

Now, Moscow Exchange is preparing a base for that – developing a platform that will allow people trade with cryptocurrencies. There will be a number of options available: investing in digital currency, purchasing and selling digital currency, trading, etc.

Why they haven’t done it earlier? As the advantages are rather evident.

The response is simple – the regulation. Or rather its absence. The Finance Minister Alexey Moiseyev understands that and states that the regulation is being prepared ad has to be accepted in the nearest future. He stated as well, that trading will be available but only to qualified investors. A qualified investor is a person that has at least 6 000 000 rubles available for investing. Sounds reasonable, as well as that would protect too impulsive citizens from wasting their money, as cryptocurrency isn’t cheap.

Advantages for the country are evident as well: cryptocurrency operations of such kind would be able to improve the country economy significantly, moreover, they will be able to attract investors from all the world.


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