Most Cryptocurrency Adopters Are Already In

Dalia Research released the research results in the blog. The results were published on the 9th of May. In the report, Dalia shows the differences in the crypto ownership and their differences based on education, social background, gender, nationality.
The main target of the research was to measure the people`s awareness of cryptocurrency and their willingness to purchase new coins. The research was conducted in 8 countries with the major cryptocurrency market volume.
According to the research results, more than 75% people on the glob know what cryptocurrency is, but only 50% know what to do with it and how it functions. The highest awareness results showed the South Korea and Japan. It was expected though, as those countries exercise very welcoming policy in relation to cryptocurrencies.
The interesting fact is that the highest percent of those who know about cryptocurrency and how it functions, already possess one or another kind of cryptocoins, or even some kinds of them. While others aren’t planning to buy cryptocurrency.
One more interesting fact was discovered during the survey – the higher was the education level of respondents, the higher was their wish to buy cryptocurrency.

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