Mt. Gox Reminds about Past Events

Ex-CEO of Mt. Gox Karpeles insists that he doesn’t want those bitcoins, which value is about 1 bln USD, that are left after the liquidation of the exchange. The exchange is going to repay all lost money to its clients, but even after that, there will be left about 160,00 bitcoins in the accounts of the defunct exchange. This is about 1 bln USD.
Mark Karpeles told, that that money will be distasteful for him, hence, he prefers not to have it. There is a law in Japan, that, after the company is liquidated, the funds that are left after all payments and compensations, is divided among the company shareholders.
The criticism of refund process and the company administration though has increased during last month, especially after the news came that the Mt.Gox board trustee is selling huge number of bitcoins. The volumes were so huge, that it is believed, that they have influenced the bitcoin prices in the market.

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