NASA Funds Development of the Blockchain Based Spacecraft

The National Aeronautic and Space Administration has awarded a new grant – it will support the development of a new type of a spacecraft, a spacecraft that will work based on the Blockchain technology, without any kind of human intervention.
The assistant professor of electrical and computing engineering at the University of Akron, Ohio, Jin Wei Kocsis, received the NASA grant equal to 330,000 USD for the support of his research. He claims that the researched technology will examine the Ethereum-based blockchain, which, in turn, shall serve for the development of a secure computing system that can be used in deep space.
He hopes to develop a new technology that will be able to recognize environmental threats and complete a good number of tasks absolutely automatically, without any kind of human intervention.
The system is going to use the technology of smart contracts, which will allow building a spacecraft that will be able to think on its own. This will give scientists more opportunities and time for research, as spacecraft will be taking care of environmental threats alone, without the scientists, hence, will provide them with more time for scientifically relevant researches.

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