Nasdaq Is Open to Welcome a Cryptotrading Platform

The Nasdaq CEO announced that the platform will be able to welcome cryptocurrency trading as soon as the market matures.
As soon as the market becomes more regulated, cryptocurrencies will be traded in one of the biggest trading platforms in the world. Adena Friedman, CEO, believes, that cryptocurrencies will definitely persist. It just needs some time to mature. Moreover, people are ready for more regulated market, a market, that is safe for investors. Nasdaq has already been working in the cryptocurrency market for a while. The exchange made a partnership with Gemini, a cryptoexchange which is in the ownership of technology investors. Gemini is going to use the SMART Market Surveillance Technology, developed by Nasdaq, to detect and report on suspicious behavior of traders, and to prevent market manipulations.
The CEO told as well, that the exchange is going to consider ICOs as securities, and ICOs are one of the most discussed and doubted tools in the financial market.


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