NiceHash Gets a New Chance

NiceHash, a Slovenian Mining service, was hacked just some days ago. Bitcoins for about 63 mln USD were stolen, and the mining service itself had to be closed. Though, this time things worked out in a different manner.
Former NiceHash CEO Marko Kobal has announced in Linkedin that the security system of the mining service was damaged and hence, the service suffered huge losses that would be very difficult if not impossible to recover. The very logical step would be to announce about the service closing, though then, all the invested money would be just lost, for the service as well for all investors who trusted in it.
He has decided though to resign from his position and to give a chance to the administration and the staff of NiceHash to recover from this enormous stress and to continue working, for the sake of all those who have been trusting in it and invested own money in the service.

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