Nike and Cryptokicks: Will a New Cryptocurrency Be Released?

Nike, a footwear brand located in the USA, is considering to create its own cryptocurrency called Cryptokicks. The company seems to be inspired by other major corporations, such as Facebook and many others.
Some words about Cryptokicks.

This is the name of one of the trademarks of Nike.

The first mentioning about Cryptokicks we see in Twitter in a post made by Josh Gerben. The post was published on the 24th of April. Further, a document, an application for cryptocurrency registration, was submitted on the 29tg of April.

The project seems to be quite interesting. They mention actually an entire platform, with cold and hot wallets, software and hardware, mobile apps to provide access to all apps for operations with cryptocurrency, as well as app tokens and so on. Everything will be featuring footwear and clothes.

Moreover, the digital currency can be used by the community. All transactions will be possible to perform in unconventional currency systems. It means, that Nike will be able to integrate a new cryptocurrency entirely into its online market.

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