NYSE Launches a New Platform: Bitcoin Trading Is Planned!

New York Stock Exchange in collaboration with Intercontinental Exchange is launching a new platform. That will be a Microsoft powered open, regulated and globally working ecosystem for digital assets.

For that, NYSE is even creating a new company that will have the name Bakkt and is going to work with a number of enterprises, among which you definitely will recognize such names as BCG, Starbucks, Microsoft.

So, the target is the creation of a global platform that gives the opportunity to its clients, merchants, institutional customers to buy, store, sell, spend their digital assets through the platform.

The main target is to provide a reliable infrastructure for operations with bitcoin, which is the most liquid currency now. And there, bitcoin can be converted to fiat. Like this, the customers will be able to buy any item at their Starbucks stores.

Later, the system will include all regulated markets and warehousing. The company has an intention to support the transaction flows and to provide a secure and reliable market place evolution.

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