Opinion about Browser-Based Cryptojacking

The researchers from Concordia University have published debates that are discussing, the first time in the history, the ethical aspects of cryptojacking. The main topic of the publication is whether cryptojacking is a crime or a business opportunity and a way to make quick money.

In the opinion of the researchers, the hacking makes cryptocurrency exchanges and developers work better to eliminate the vulnerabilities and imperfections to make the coins better and safer. Just one example of such improvement is the Monero case. Initially, the coin didn’t require any consent to run a mining code, and this imperfection led to malicious applications. So, it was added to the list of malware.

There were discovered a number of scripts that use browsers without the users` consent, and this is already an abuse. Many of such scripts are blocked and added to a malware list. The users who select an option to eliminate ads, or to watch videos without the annoying popup windows, often don’t understand that they will pay much more for that: higher bills for electricity, faster deterioration of hardware and all other consequences of unauthorized CPU use.

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