Blockchain Announces a New Version of its Bitcoin Lightning Software

Blockchain has introduced new improvements to its Bitcoin c-lightning software. The new version represents the most significant upgrade to this existing code repository in the last eight months. This release, c-lightning 0.7, will make it easier for developers to create their own features into the off-chain Bitcoin scalability software solution (i.e., Lightning Network). Currently, many

Bitfinex’s Funds Are Partially Recovered

The law enforcement of the United States returned to Bitfinex the stolen 140,000 USD. However, this is just a very insignificant part of the funds stolen from the exchange back in August 2016. The total sum of the stolen funds is around 120,000 BTC, while the law enforcement returned just 27,7 bitcoins. So, speaking even

Mercedes-Benz Is Going to Use Blockchain

Automotive brand from Germany Mercenes-Benz has developed its own blockchain-based platform. The main target of the platform is to increase the sustainability and transparency in supply chains of the giant, which are very complex and difficult to track. Mercedes-Benz is a multinational automotive corporation, now, it has partnered with a United-Stated based company Icertis, that

Cryptopia: Trading Will Be Resumed When Balances Are Secure

Cryptopia, which has been hacked recently, has been granted the permission to trade again. However, the exchange representatives explained, that the exchange isn`t ready yet to resume its activities. After the hack more than 16,1 mln USD were stolen. New Zealand police has started the investigation, along with the international law enforcement services, to track

Warren Buffett Is Against Bitcoin

Warren Buffet, the Berkshire Hathaway CEO, believes, that bitcoin is nothing more but a delusion. He said, that it attracts charlatans and nobody knows in reality what the top cryptocurrency is. Buffet is known as a bitcoin critic. He has already expressed his opinion about the most popular cryptocurrency insisting that investing in bitcoin is

Coinbase Pro Adds Support for XRP

Coinbase Pro is a professional crypto-trading platform as well as a wallet service of Coinbase. Now, Coinbase Pro offers support for XPR, the Ripple token. This announcement was made in the Coinbase blog-post on the 25th of February. Now, Coinbase Pro will accept deposits in XRP and then, it will enable the full trading options

Kyocera, Solar Power Supplier, Will Use Blockchain

Kyocera is a Japanese power supply company. Now, it has partnered with LO3 Energy. The main target of the partnership is to perform the testing of blockchain based virtual power plants, or VVP for short. Their target is to improve the distribution of energy. The news was announced on the 25th of February. The test