South Korean Financial Regulator Confirmed Its Negative Position to ICOs and Crypto

Choi Jong-koo, the chairman of the Korea`s Financial Services Commission, has once more confirmed his negative position to cryptocurrency and ICOs. ICOs were prohibited in South Korea in September previous year. The officials stated, that such kind of fundraising is almost a gamble, which isn’t appropriate for any financial activities. Now, Korean officials have returned

Ethereum Hard Fork Has Consensus Issues during Testing

The planned hard fork of Ethereum, called Constantinople, has shown to be unusable. The Tweet was shared by the blockchain infrastructure company called Infura. The tweet also advises developers to use different testing networks, while the Ethereum community is investigating the issue. The hard fork became active on the Ropsten testnet on the 13th of

Is Tron Going to Partner with Baidu from China?

Tron, the team of cryptocurrency project, is reportedly partnered with the largest search engine of China, Baidu. For now, neither Baidu nor Tron confirmed the partnership, but there are rumors that it will be revealed officially the next week in the cloud of Baidu. Coinness claims that Tron has already officially confirmed their partnership with

Will China Launch the Own Crypto-Currency?

The Chinese government is considering the launching of the own stablecoin, which will be yena-backed. This should happen despite the ban on all cryptocurrencies that was imposed in the country in October previous year. A specialist from the People`s Bank of China write an article about the digital stable coins, where he provided reviews of

International Bankers Believe, that Cryptocurrency Poses no Danger to Financial Stability

International banks representatives and other financial officials believe that there are no risks to financial systems connected with cryptocurrency. As well, according to their opinion, cryptocurrency doesn’t pose any danger to a financial system of any country. On the contrary, the FSB, an international agency that consists of 68 local institutions, regulators, ministries of finance