CFTC Chair about Crypto Cases during the Year

Christopher Giancarlo is the chairman of U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission. He said on the 2nd of October in his speech, that during the last fiscal year, the enforcement actions and fines connected with cryptocurrencies increased significantly during the last financial year. He stated, that the enforcement during the recent fiscal year was one of

Circle Buys Crowdfunding Platform of SeedInvest

Circle Internet Financial Ltd is a cryptocurrency company. It has acquired recently the equity crowdfunding platform and a broker-dealer SeedInvest. The official announcement was published on the 5th of October. However, the exact time of the purchase was not announced. The New York based company SeedInvest was founded in 2012, it has the status of

Deloitte: Five Main Obstacles to Blockchain’s Mass Adoption

DELOITTE, an audit and consulting firm, has outlined the main areas for blockchain development, if it wants to be mass adopted and to rule the industry.   So, in order to be adopted massively, the blockchain technology has to overcome some major obstacles: Time consuming operations Lack of standardization High costs Blockchain apps complexity Collaboration

Li Xiaolai Halts Blockchain-Related Investments

China has banned cryptocurrencies, but there are people who are still handling them. The Chinese tycoon and investor Li Xiaolai has been investing major sums in bitcoin. However, now, he turned his attention to the blockchain-based projects. Li is one of the biggest bitcoin holders in China, and he has claimed recently, that he is

xRapid Payment Solution from Ripple Works Now

xRapid, the Ripple real-time payment platform is now available. The company made an announcement on the 1st of October 2018. xRapid is aimed at the speeding of international payments without the application of pre-funded accounts. The product is based on the XRP currency and is intended to make transactions significantly faster and cheaper. The pilot