Moscow Exchange and Cryptotrading

Moscow Exchange is going to introduce trading with cryptocurrency. This step is rather logical than surprising though, as the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing and they aren’t considered as something fictional anymore. Now, Moscow Exchange is preparing a base for that – developing a platform that will allow people trade with cryptocurrencies. There will be

BitcoinIRA – New View

Bitcoin IRA – an investment provider that works with cryptocurrency – added Ethereum, Litecoin and a number of other digital currencies to its portfolio. The task of the company is to make most cryptocurrencies available for investment operations. Bitcoin IRA has started its success story in 2016, when general public started getting more and more

Blockchain Companies Will Replace Banks?

Now, the trend is already evident: banks are becoming more ad more vulnerable, while blockchain companies seem to be a good alternative to the old good banking system. Why so? Banks are vulnerable: politically, economically, etc. Moreover, they are geographically limited. While blockchain does not have these issues. For example, there are cases when cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency – Apps Can Manage It!

Cryptocurrency is becoming more interesting for the public. More and more people are buying and using digital currency, and it is still quite a challenge for the biggest part of the population. You shall be really updated about the most advanced technologies to be able to use the digital currency. Here, some app developers see

How Does Bitcoin Stack Up Against Other Digital Currencies?

When expounding on computerized monetary standards, it’s all to simple to fall into the trap of saying, “Bitcoin and other option monetary standards.” Bitcoin, all things considered, was the first and is the greatest; they’re the business pioneer. While it’s actual that a significant number of their techniques and conventions are additionally trailed by different

Brazilian Police Arrest ‘Digital Currency’ Pyramid Scheme

On September 21, as indicated by neighborhood production G1, Brazil’s Civil Police brought down a fraudulent business model in light of a phony computerized cash named Kriptacoin. In Goiâna and Distrito Federal, 11 suspects were captured for commercializing the false money, and two are still on the loose. 18 court orders have been issued. Common

Bitcoin Trades Sideways As Investors Look To China

Bitcoin prices have been trading sideways for the last few weeks, moving within a reasonably tight range as many investors wait to see what China’s regulatory environment will look like going forward. The digital currency‘s price has primarily traded below $4,000 since September 14, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI). The currency has

Why trade Bitcoin and not Forex?

Forex, or the Foreign Exchange market, is the world’s main decision for trading monetary standards. For some shrewd merchants, this market exhibits a major chance to evaluate the quality of different monetary standards, and make a benefit exchanging starting with one then onto the next. The more the money fluctuates, the greater the benefit in