Paypal and Blockchain – Is Collaboration Possible?

Online payment platforms do not provide a full set of solutions anymore, as none of them include options for operations in cryptocurrency. Paypal is facing a similar issue, even though this one is the most popular.
And now, just imagine how popular would be a platform, something like Paypal, but with Blockchain operations option.
Blockchain is aiming to turn its platform, UTRUST, into a synergy of Paypal and a platform providing a full range of operations with cryptocurrency.
The cryptocurrency market has grown significantly, while the functionality stayed approximately at the same level. Peer-to-peer transactions are simple though a business-to-customer transactions are connected with significant complications. The users have to use different platforms with different functionality, and that also doesn’t add simplicity to such transactions. Moreover, all transactions are irreversible. It means, if you make a mistake, and the person doesn’t want to send your cryptocoins back, it stays as it is, without any chance to do something. Buyer protection is impossible, and that’s not about the platform, that’s about cryptocurrency protocol, which makes the sender anonymous one.
UTRUST is a new project that is going to eliminate the issues of both kinds of payment platforms – the traditional ones and the cryptocurrency ones., as well as to bring the buyer protection through buyer protection policy and remove the risk of transactions made in cryptocoins.

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