Promising Future from China – Bans Do not Work!

A couple of years China has been working on regulations to forbid any legal use of cryptocurrency in the country. This made the conditions for the cryptomarket development in the country unbearable. Though, for enthusiasts, there are no limits, even if the government is against them.
ICOs, exchanges, any related services and activities have been banned in China for quite a while. Many exchanges though haven’t stopped their operation, they just moved abroad, to the countries, where the legislation is more loyal or more ignorant to cryptocurrencies and cervices related to them.
Even though such things have been happening for about a year, there are enthusiasts who still believe in crypto-future of China. These optimists are working on projects for crypto– and blockchain market with Chinese population in mind.
Yi Lu is one of such enthusiasts who believe in crypto-China. He is one of the founders of SV Insight, a media company. The other enthusiast is a founder of Blockchain prediction market platform called Bodhi, the name of the enthusiast is Xiahong Lin. They both believe, cryptocurrency and blockchain prediction platform are the things that will build a bridge between the USA and China and will move China to the higher level.


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