PwC Switzerland: Only Cryptocurrencies Can Be Used from All Digital Assets

PwC Switzerland executive has told, that they believe, that for now, from all digital assets only cryptocurrency can be used appropriately. Roland Stadler, Senior Manager and Data & Analytics Specialist at PwC Switzerland, shared on his post, that all digital assets seem to be similar at the first look.

And he makes a difference between digital assets and currencies, because for now, just a few currencies can be used as assets, he believes. As for digital assets, he divides them into three groups:

  • Currencies
  • Utility tokens
  • Security tokens

According to Mr. Roland, currencies, for example, bitcoin, can serve both as a payment network and a payment instrument. And they can be used without any central institution. Utility tokens are, according to him, like some kind of fuel to use the system or the software. This is Ethereum, for example. And security tokens are like shares, that a company sells to get some funds for a particular project. And Mr.Roland believes as well, that currency-like assets are for now the most useful ones, as only they can be used in the market like assets.

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