Qiwi Blockchain Technologies Launches Crypto-Investment Bank

 A new crypto investment outlet called HASH was launched by Qiwi Blockchain Technologies, as it was announced on the 29th of June. Qiwi Blockchain Technologies is a subsidiary of one of the leading Russia payment service providers.

HASH is built as a classic payment service provider, the only difference is that it will work with cryptocurrencies, as well.

The provider will work with the ICOs, cryptocurrency, and so on. It will as well assist the companies that are passing through the fundraising stage. HASH as well is going to work with international funds that are in cryptocurrency investing field. The company works with ten funds of such kind, and the largest of them has a turnaround about 100 million USD.

As a reference: Qiwi is the largest online payment company with presence in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Romania and the USA and the UAE. QBT, or Qiwi Blockchain Technologies, has been launched in March 2017 and works with international blockchain products.

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