Quanta Got the First Blockchain Gaming Licence

The first fully Blockchain compliant lottery will be supported by Quanta, which already uses the smart contracts for the sale of tickets, winner selection and prices pay-outs.
What Blockchain technology gives in this case?
First of all, all process is decentralized and uncontrolled, hence, the full autonomous and manipulation proof process is provided.
Decentralized network based on Blockchain principle provides completely transparent and independent lottery experience. The random number generation technique allows equal opportunities for all participants, hence, the representatives from all society layers can win or lose, with equal chances.
Before the licence issuing, the gaming system of Quanta was rigorously tested and all processes were checked.
The company is located on the Isle of Man, which is the jurisdiction of online gaming and blockchain operations. Now, the jurisdiction representatives are happy to welcome in their team a company that would offer a blockchain based gaming experience.

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