Rakuten, Japanese E-Commerce Giant, Is about to Launch Own Cryptocurrency

Rakuten is the largest e-commerce company in Japan, and now, this giant is going to launch its own cryptocurrency. He new crypto-coin will be called Rakuten coin and will be functioning based on the blockchain.

Hiroshi Mikinati, the CEO and founder of Rakuten, has announced this decision during his presentation at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which took place on the 27th of February. The new asset is seen by Hiroshi as a currency that has no borders. The main target is to establish the main difference between Rakuten and its main competitors, like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba, and to recreate the relationship between the e-commerce company and its clients, to move them to a new level, so to say.

Rakuten is famous for its attention to customers. One of the examples of successful collaboration with the customers is the Rakuten super points loyalty system that was launched 15 years ago and has proven itself as very successful.
Now, the plan is to launch the own cryptocurrency, to facilitate the purchases in the whole world. By now though the date of the launch is not announced.


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