Renewable Energy, Crypto-Mining and New Missoula Regulation

Mining is an energy-consuming business. That’s why some organizations make efforts to reduce the energy expenses by all possible means. The administration of Missoula County in Montana, the USA, have discussed the regulation of cryptomining in the county and came to some conclusions.

In the website of the county now can be found two drafts of the regulation. One is the Cryptocurrency Mining Resolution, the other one of the Cryptocurrency Mining Zoning Overlay District Regulations. On the 4th of April the hearing of both drafts will be held.

In the drafts the locations are established, where crypto-mining can take place, as well as the conditions, that are aimed to protect public safety, health and the general welfare of people. The main concerns, as usual, are the effects on such things as global warming and electronic waste.

As well, a number of requirements to crypto-mining will be setup. For example, mining farms will be located only in industrial districts. There will be needed to provide a number of permissions and verifications. In some cases, a valid license, issued from recycling firms, will be needed.

However, those mining businesses that are in the market now, will be able to continue their activities even though they might not comply with the new requirements. Of course, that will be under the condition, that all other requirements will be fulfilled.


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