Ronnie Moas and His Bitcoin Forecast – Revisions Made

Billie Moas, one of the most bullish predictors for bitcoin, has revised his forecasts.
7500 USD for a coin till the end of 2017? Well, right now bitcoin costs 7000USD, what the following months bring, only bitcoin knows.
Billie Moas has been optimistic about bitcoin since long, since actually he made a prediction that bitcoin price would reach 5000 USD when the cost of one coin was just 3000 USD.
Then, August this year has forced Billie Moas revising his forecasts about this year – he shifted from 5000 to 7500 USD till the end of this year.
There are some factors that influence such a rapid growth. More and more countries are embracing bitcoin, and the obstacles on its rally are falling.
Ronnie has been revising his forecast some times already, and every time it looked like too bold and to unrealistic. Now, he tells, bitcoin would reach 11 000 in 2018. In principle, the analyst believes that in 3 years bitcoin price will be more than 20 000, and in less than 10 years – 50 000 USD. Let us see then when and if his forecast will become reality.


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