Saudi Arabia Crackdown – Will That Influence Bitcoin?

Saudi Arabia arrested the richest Arab and one of the richest people in the world, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. For corruption. Political uncertainty in the UAE is as high as, probable, has never been.
Saudi Arabia has launched anti-corruption campaign, King Salman has ordered to arrest senior princes and many officials from Ministries. The reason was corruption of the above mentioned persons.
Prince Waleed has been announcing in news that bitcoin is nothing than a bubble that will collapse. This is just a matter of time.
Even though his arrest was announced as an arrest within the campaign, though many believe that the real background for that is the King Salem`s son, whom the dad is trying to clear out the way to the Kingdom and the crown.
Bitcoin though grows in price when government cannot find a friendly way to solve his problems. People are trying to find a safe way to invest, and in such situations, government backed up currencies, any of them, seem to be too unreliable. While bitcoin doesn’t depend on any governments. Traditionally, such a safe investment has been gold, while now, more and more investors are attracted to bitcoin.

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