SegWit2x Is Losing Support Just Two Months Before Scheduled Release

One more signatory is lost for the New York Agreement (NYA) this Tuesday, when the Latin American bitcoin exchange SurBTC withdraw from the agreement.
As the Chilean startup representatives declare in blog posts and social media, they had to follow the steps of other companies who started withdrawing their support to SegWit2x, this happens because of the controversial hard fork approaches.
The company has explained that they have always loved SigWit, and to increase it for 2 mb was a very good idea and they would have supported it. but that happened in April, when they were invited to sign the New York Agreement. Since then though, SigWit has activated in bitcoin market, and because of that, SurBTC withdrew its support to SigWit, with the reference to the scaling proposal opposition from the bitcoin core firm.
Bitcoin developers don’t feel safe with the change, and the companies supporting bitcoin cannot support these changes as well. On themselves, the SurBTC developers aren’t against the new SIgWit developments, but they believe that bitcoin team are exports who have made a huge influence on cryptocurrency development and are the major players in cryptocurrency market. It would be unfair to force them into a development they aren’t comfortable with.
If the fork happens, SurBTC are willing to allow its customers withdrawal transactions and even will add it to one of their platforms, though, without any reference to bitcoin.

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