SegWit2x Is a Threat to Bitcoin? Xapo Knows Better

There are fears that after SegWit2x fork, bitcoin will become a minor cryptocurrency. Even though the feasibility of that is very limited, but Xapo is already receiving criticism about its intention to list bitcoin as BC1 if SigWit2x chain becomes a major one while bitcoin chain turns into a minor chain.
Earlier in his blog one of Bitcoin investors and Atlanta Digital Currency Fund partner Alistair Milne mentioned, that expressing support to SigWit would be the same as committing financial suicide to all who has been investing in bitcoin and who hope that once bitcoin would give them a huge return on their investments.
According to his words, the largest bitcoin companies would support both tokens, hence, they will make the market decide about who wins, but a new token cannot be called with a reference to bitcoin, as that would cause chaos.
The largest Bitcoin wallet and exchange, Bitfinex and Coinbase, have already expressed their support to SigWit, but they also accentuated that market would decide the winner, and definitely, bitcoin will be called bitcoin, while other chain, even more powerful, will have another name.
Xapo though has already announced, that the largest chain will be called Bitcoin, or BTC, and one of the blocks, the weaker one, will be called BC2.
In respond to that, Monero creator and developer Riccardo Spagni, announced that he then would create a startup and call it Xapo, if he gets enough support, while the existing company Xapo he will rebrand to XP1.

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