Share Prices Fall While Cryptocurrency Prices Surge

Wall Street giants JP Morgan and Citigroup experienced huge earning, but on overall, their share prices fell.
Even though, according to the financial reports of the both giants, their trading revenues grew by 2 and 1.1 bln USD correspondingly by JPM and Citigroup, but the share prices of the both banks fell.
JPM share price is now 110USD, which is 2.7% lower, and the Citigroup share is 71.07USD, which is down for 1.5%.
Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies again started growing in price. On the 12th of April, bitcoin grew for more than 1,000 USD just during half an hour. On Friday, the cryptocoins continued the growth. Bitcoin is meanwhile traded at about 8,000 USD per coin, Ethereum though declined slightly, from 500 USD per coin to 496 USD per coin.

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