SkyChain – a New Step in Digital Medicine?

Medicine is rather a world that is available, we mean information, data, for the selected ones. Artificial intelligence has already surprised the world in the diseases diagnosis and treatment, but the issues are still present.
The Al-in-medicine market has some issues to resolve, only after that it has chances to move forward. First of all, we are talking about the big data that are needed to train the medical neural networks, and moreover, there is no infrastructure to provide access for doctors and medical staff to such networks.
Skychain is about to solve those issues and revolutionize the Al-in-medicine market! The main components of the startup are the Data Marketplace and Al-in-medicine market. With those apps, medical data provides can provide their data to train medical networks. We are talking not about selling but about data provision as a service. Though, those trained networks will not be available for download and application just to make sure the data provider (= the service provider) will get his royalties.
Basically, Skychain is going to unite all medical data providers and users in one system and enable them to communicate for the good of humankind.

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