Social Network for Cryptocurrency Buying and Selling

Facebook and LinkedIn are used by millions and those networks do not need any introduction. Though they look like they have missed something important – they do not use the blockchain technology.
Hence, the idea of a social network based on the blockchain doesn’t seem so weird. The startup TraDove picked up this idea and realized it in a new kind of social network. TraDove is based on the blockchain technology.
Moreover, this is not just a social network, like those many social networks outside of the blockchain. The platform is built in order to create some communication channel for individual uses and huge international companies. The platform is striving to make the communication between a customer and service provider easier and more efficient.
TraDove has an intention to use Ethereum platform for its further development. The main advantage of such social network is its security. The blockchain technology has proven itself as the most reliable and unmodifiable, hence, a blockchain based social network will also be secure.

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