Something Is in the Air – Amazon Is Buying Three New Domain Names, Cryptocurrency Connected

Amazon has registered 3 new domain names – all of them are related to cryptocurrency. This move allows speculation that the e-commerce giant will soon start accepting cryptocurrency for payment.
Let us remind that the domain name is already in use, now,,, are added. There has been news from Silicon Valley that Amazon would soon accept bitcoin as a payment method, now these rumours have widespread and even got almost official support.
The official representatives though state that Amazon is not going to accept any cryptocurrencies, at least for now. The reason for that is more than usual: there is little demand, actually, too little to get worried. Most payments are made via a bank card or from an e-wallet, so, this statement sounds rather reasonable.
Why the domain names then?
Most likely, Amazon purchased them just for defensive purposes. Though it doesn’t mean that it will start accepting digital currency.
Even though this e-commerce giant isn’t planning to accept the cryptocurrency yet, but the attitude is the thing that matters. As finally, the cryptocurrency could still be accepted, and then, big changes in the market are coming!

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