Spanish Autonomous Community of Aragon Starts Applying Blockchain, the First Case in the Country

The autonomous community Aragon is located in the north-eastern part of Spain. And it will be the first case in the country to start applying blockchain technology in the field of public administration.

Aragon is one of the 17 autonomous communities in the country. All communities have a right to administer their things more or less independently on the central government.

Now, the counsellor of Finance and Public administration, Fernando Gimeno, has signed an agreement with Alastria, a blockchain ecosystem that will be used for administration of more than 274 entities. Among those entities are planned to be companies and institutions.

Now, Aragon is going to become the first Spanish community to use the blockchain. Basically, it means, that the government understood the blockchain potential  for the future and its power in the field of public administration.

The system is meant to improve the transparency and efficiency of administration, which, in its turn, should attract businesses and investments from abroad.

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