Sports Gambling Can Be Fairer with Blockchain

The house always wins. This statement is very correct when we speak about spots betting. Betting in principle is a very risky thing, though sports betting has own specifics.
Gambling is unpredictable, that is why, the USA is going to ban it. Well, it is banned, though gamblers are still practicing it through illegal websites and companies that provide their services without any authorization to do so. Hence, “the house always wins”.
New Jersey though now is proposing initiatives to return spot betting. The state has been trying to do it during some years, but the efforts didn’t have success. This time though, the change is in the air.
New Jersey has already shown that the wished and six times requested change will be welcomed. This time, it is about providing more transparency to betting, including sport betting.
How it shall be done?
Here is when the new application of the blockchain technology can be seen. Blockchain is the solution to provide more liquidity, transparency, and hence, fairness to sports betting.

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