Sweden Settles a Debt in Cryptocurrency

State is very conservative in most of the things, especially when it comes to the most advanced though not very reliable phenomena, such like cryptocurrency, for example. Cryptocurrency is just being accepted in many countries, while others are just observing. Sweden though made the first significant step in cryptocurrency advancement. The first in the history, a debt to the state was settled in bitcoin. The debtor agreed to pay his debt in the sum of 0,6BTC himself.
Head of operational development at Swedish Enforcement Authority Johaness Paulson, stated in his statement, that assets are to be found everywhere nowadays, including the internet. Cryptocurrency, according to him, is just another kind of asset, the one, to which we aren’t used yet.
It is very likely that, once started, Swedish government would continue accepting cryptocurrency for debt settlements, though most likely, it will not keep the digital currency but would sell in in an online auction to the highest bidder.
The reason for that is not the mistrust to the digital currency but rather a different thing: even if the state wanted to, it cannot save cryptocoins, as it has no infrastructure for it yet.
The future of cryptocurrency is though indefinite when we speak about state acceptance and state application. If Sweden will continue using it for debt settling and how it will be regulated, as then it shall be regulated, is not clear for now.

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