Switzerland Creates Working Group to Help Blockchain Companies to Open a Bank Account

Heinz Taennler, the financial director of Zug, has called the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) to create a special working group that should help the blockchain companies in registering the bank account in the banks of Switzerland.

The blockchain companies have faced a number of difficulties while opening the bank account in Switzerland. That’s why, Taennler got so worried that he even has brought this fact to the attention of the Federal Council. Why? Because like this, the banking system of the country loses huge incomes. And this is bad.

So, the main target of the working group is to create a friendlier environment for business in the country, and especially for the cryptocurrency and the blockchain business, as they are the ones facing the biggest issues and the ones that could bring enormous profits, incomparable with other clients.

However, the working group will have to work not only on the facilitation of the procedure of the account opening, but as well with the prevention of crime and compliance with legislative acts.

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