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Tim Draper Believes, Bitcoin Legalization Will Improve Argentinian Economy

Tim Draper, a known crypto-bull, has advised the president of Argentina to legalize bitcoin asap. According to the cryptocurrency investor met with the president of Argentina Mauricio Macri to discuss the suggestion. During the meeting Draper spoke about great potential of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology and of those advantages that the technology can bring

Warren Buffett Is Against Bitcoin

Warren Buffet, the Berkshire Hathaway CEO, believes, that bitcoin is nothing more but a delusion. He said, that it attracts charlatans and nobody knows in reality what the top cryptocurrency is. Buffet is known as a bitcoin critic. He has already expressed his opinion about the most popular cryptocurrency insisting that investing in bitcoin is

Citadel CEO Doesn’t Recommend Bitcoin

Ken Griffin, the CEO of the Citadel hedge fund, announced, that he perceived the bitcoin still as a “Head scratcher” rather than a serious cryptocurrency, and doesn’t recommend to deal with it. He believes as well, that the younger generation should really do more productive things rather than investing in cryptocurrencies. For example, and the

Robinhood Supports Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash

Financial Services Mobile App Robinhood will support Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, as the official sources have announced recently. Moreover, in their Twitter posts, Robinhood developers noted, that they are going to support the further platform development and add more currencies in the nearest future. Robinhood is a zero-fee cryptocurrency trading platform that was launched in