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Interoperability and Scalability Standards for Blockchains Are Needed

The introduction of interoperability and scalability standards will help greatly to develop blockchain technology. This is the main claim made in a recent report to European Union. The publisher of this report is the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum, and was released on March 6 with the title “Scalability, Interoperability and Sustainability of Blockchains.”

Two Asia Pacific Conservative Union (APCU) Executives Launch a Blockchain-Based Network to Combat Authoritarianism

Mr. Jikido “Jay” Aeba and Mr. Yasu Kikuta, chairman and CEO/co-founder of the Asia Pacific Conservative Union (APCU), respectively, have launched the Liberty Ecosystem project. According to these gentlemen, this block-chain based network will be used to fight authoritarianism. In light of the rising political authoritarianism in the world and more specifically in the Asia-Pacific

Blockchain Announces a New Version of its Bitcoin Lightning Software

Blockchain has introduced new improvements to its Bitcoin c-lightning software. The new version represents the most significant upgrade to this existing code repository in the last eight months. This release, c-lightning 0.7, will make it easier for developers to create their own features into the off-chain Bitcoin scalability software solution (i.e., Lightning Network). Currently, many

Mercedes-Benz Is Going to Use Blockchain

Automotive brand from Germany Mercenes-Benz has developed its own blockchain-based platform. The main target of the platform is to increase the sustainability and transparency in supply chains of the giant, which are very complex and difficult to track. Mercedes-Benz is a multinational automotive corporation, now, it has partnered with a United-Stated based company Icertis, that

Kyocera, Solar Power Supplier, Will Use Blockchain

Kyocera is a Japanese power supply company. Now, it has partnered with LO3 Energy. The main target of the partnership is to perform the testing of blockchain based virtual power plants, or VVP for short. Their target is to improve the distribution of energy. The news was announced on the 25th of February. The test

Bank in Oman Joins RippleNet Payment Network

The second largest bank in Oman, BankDhofar, started using RippleNet technology to make cross border payments. This time, it is about payments to India only. this news was announced by the managing director of MENA and South Asia at Ripple. RippleNet is a globally functioning blockchain based payment system, or rather payment network developed by